How To Conjure Sound From A Boomstick



As magic goes, this is a very simple trick to perform. It requires very little knowledge on the performers (owners) end. Here are the necessary steps to follow:

1. Obtain a Boomstick

You will need to decide what breed of Boomstick is right for you. Smaller Boomsticks are usually more easily manageable for women or men with small hands. You can buy one for yourself straight out or borrow one from someone who already has one if you are currently undecided.

REMEMBER: The bigger the Boomstick…the bigger the BOOM!

2. Boomstick Food Canisters

Most every single boomstick I know requires nutrition. The Boomstick will devour the food canister in its entirety and will keep down the food canisters, but will sometimes automatically expel them should the canister open. Some Boomsticks will keep down the empty canisters and you will need to manually take them out if you wish to feed your Boomstick again. Don’t be alarmed if your Boomstick is of this type. It is normal behavior for some.

3. Feeding Your Boomstick 

Different breeds of Boomsticks require food canisters that are made specifically for them. There are rare instances to which the food can be interchangeable, but this is not the norm. There are different kinds of food canisters for each breed, and you may need to experiment to find which best suits your Boomstick. All Boomsticks are made differently. There are many different breeds. Some eat in the same manner…others do not. Become familiar with your Boomstick to learn how to properly feed it.

4. Burp Your Boomstick 

This is the fun part! Once you have become familiar with your Boomstick and comfortable with feeding it you’re going to need to coax a burp out of it. This is where Boomsticks get their name from. The bigger the Boomstick is the bigger the BOOM when it burps. If you have a small Boomstick it may only make a “pow” sound. Again…different breeds will behave differently.

To burp the Boomstick you will need to look underneath it. To put this lightly…one must look for something that resembles a reproductive organ. These, too, may look defferently from others. Once you find this you’ll need to firmly hold the Boomstick against you, and the far end away from you and anyone around. The Boomstick eats rather quietly…but it does its business in a very forceful manner. Once you have your Boomstick snuggled tightly against you – gently squeeze its “tickle spot” with your finger. You will need to keep squeezing until the Boomstick burps.

5. The Boomstick’s Burp 

When the Boomstick burps it may react violently. This is to be expected by most; especially the larger breeds. However, the burp is what makes owning a Boomstick so fun! As disgusting as it may sound, people have learned to make a game out of the expellants, and have become rather common (and useful) in obtaining food and fighting wars. It is because of the latter that even bigger and more devastating Boomsticks have been bred into existence.

6. Enjoy Your Boomstick 

Only by spending much quality time with your Boostick(s) can you become more attuned to their individual needs and personalities. You will need to clean them and medicate them occasionally so their joints stay lubricated and they can perform to the best of their abilities.


I hope you have found this short tutorial useful. I am sure you will come to love your Boomstick(s), and that you will continue to have a long lasting relationship.


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Do What You Have To Do To Be Happy


“There’s a strange sense of pleasure being beat to hell by a storm when you’re on a ship that is not going to sink.”
– A Salty Piece of Land, Chapter 3, Jimmy Buffet

I was never in the Navy. I never sailed with a merchant crew. But I was a towboater, and will forever be a towboater in my soul. We worked in all kinds of weather conditions. And even though sometimes we got soaked to the core and froze our asses off I somehow enjoyed the work.

I remember fondly the times I stood on the head of the tow, wind flogging us like the devils whip, the barges crashing against the oncoming whitecaps producing 20 plus foot waves (waves that could be felt some 400 to 600 feet away) that rained down on us making even our best efforts to stay warm and dry a joke.

Tieing down rigging, checking tow for water, making a lock, building tow in rain so thick you couldn’t see your hands in front of your face, holding a lock line as mother nature tortured you because millions of dollars and several lives depended on that 2 inch line being held tight by your numb and shaky hands. That was my job. That was my life. And I loved it!

No matter how you slice it I was a sailor. And my heart and soul were happiest when I was on the water. And I think I enjoyed my job the most when the weather was at its most chaotic! I never did understand it. And at times I truly miss it.

It was a sudden decision to go on the boat. No one believed me when I told them I was quitting my job at the factory I had been at for seven years for the river, and those that did said I was crazy. I cast off everything that made sense to me at the time, and I just did it. I have no regrets about it either. It did me a lot of good, and I found a part of me that I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Sometimes, you have to do the unthinkable. My old programing says I am suppose to do this and do that. Be like this and not like that. But I know the truth of the matter. The truth is…you have to just let go. You have to be spontaneous. And I’m not talking about stopping what you’re doing to go for a walk or something.

No. I’m talking about doing something so drastic that it’s life altering. Doing something that makes everyone tell you you’re crazy, but something that your gut says to do with all you got in you.

Maybe you’re not in a situation where you can do such a thing. That, at times, is the best reason to do that drastic whatever. Right now, it’s a bad time for me. But I can assure you…I’m already making plans for that next big jump!

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The Ant and The Grasshopper

My father use to tell me bedtime stories.

One of the stories I remember is the story of The Ant and The Grasshopper.

It goes a little something like this:


One spring day a busy ant was out looking for food. A grasshopper sat chewing on a blade of grass, and he got to watching the ant run past him over and over again.

So, one day the grasshopper asks, “Hey, Ant! Why are you working so hard?

The ant replied, “Gotta start saving for winter, Grasshopper. I’d suggest you do the same!”

The grasshopper laughed.

“Winter? That’s a LONG way away, Ant! There’s PLENTY of time for that!”

But the ant paid attention to the grasshopper and kept walking.

Summer came along, and the busy ant was still hard at work collecting food for the winter.

The grasshopper, basking in the sun, was amused at the little ant running back and forth, and said, “You’re working too hard, Ant! You should relax, like me, and enjoy this beautiful day!”

The ant replied, “No time, Grasshopper. Winter is coming, and I gotta get ready for it. You better start, too, if you want to get through it.”

The grasshopper just laughed. But it didn’t slow down the ant from his collecting any.

Fall rolled in, and the ant was working harder than ever.

The grasshopper smiled at the ant running about.

“Ant,” he said sarcastically, “you’re going to run yourself to death before winter gets here. Why don’t you come over here and sit a spell?”

The ant was rushing past the grasshopper when he said,

“Grasshopper. Winter is JUST around the corner! This is your last chance if you want to survive it. You better get started saving while you still can!”

Once again, the old grasshopper just laughed.

But then winter DID come. And the colder it got the less food there was for the grasshopper to eat, and he felt a powerful hunger!

The hungry grasshopper tried to stay warm, but the icy hand of winter took hold of him. And the old grasshopper perished in a winter night.

But winter didn’t affect the little ant any. He stayed warm and well fed in his house.

And when winter faded back to spring, the busy ant set out again doing his collecting.

But when he passed where the old grasshopper use to stay…the grasshopper was nowhere to be found.

There’s a couple of morals here:

You might say, “Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today”.

And you could also say, “Always save for a rainy day”.

In any case, it’s a good little story. I hope you enjoyed it!

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What Was Your Trigger?

Everyone has a hobby.

Some have pursued their pastime and turned it into a business. Others may see their hobby as just that…a hobby. But where did it come from? What got you started doing it in the first place? What was your trigger?

I have always enjoyed writing. I have been writing for as long as I can remember. (Read more about this in my About Anthony) But there was something that rooted this deeply into my heart and soul.

 It was a book.


Let me tell you a little story…

When I was in the second grade our teacher had us write to a pen pal. I don’t know who they were, but it was always fun to receive mail from someone. Especially for a seven year old in the mid 80’s!

We were instructed to write to our pen pal about one thing we really wanted. And so I did. But I had no clue the outcome would forever change my life!

It happened during a book fair that was going on in the school library; a place I felt most comfortable. I had anticipated the coming  book fair since kindergarten, and being held in my favorite place in the entire school was just an added bonus.

Throughout the duration of the book fair we were taken periodically to browse the books, write a wish list or make purchases. My family didn’t have much money in those days, and a wish list was as close as I would come to the many friends-to-be sitting on the shelves.

But there was one book that stood out from the rest:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

But back to the letter…

I wrote to my pen pal and explained about the book fair. I went on to tell them how I wanted this one particular book and how my family didn’t have the money to buy it for me. 

I folded the letter and tucked it into the envelope, sealed it and turned it in.

A few days went by, and with them the sadness of the coming end to the book fair. It was a sinking feeling having to sit on the sidelines and watch all the other kids buying this and that, and whenever approached and asked if I had bought anything having to fake a smile and tell them I didn’t want anything.

But I did. I wanted it bad! And just when I thought it was over…it came.

Our replies to our letters came the next to last day of the book event. I opened my letter with my wish in mind and out from it fell a five dollar bill. 

I couldn’t believe it!

I looked around and the kids were taking notice – Anthony got money!

The letter went on to say something to the extent that the author felt bad for my situation and hoped the money would help me buy the book.

I was overjoyed! But I didn’t go and buy my book as you would think. Instead, I took the money home and  hid it under my mattress. We didn’t have much money, and I figured when the time came and my mom and dad needed a few extra dollars I could give them my money and be the hero of the day.

But, I wasn’t expecting my mom to put clean sheets on the bed later that day. 

She called me into my room and we sat on the bed. She produced the five dollars and asked me where I had gotten it from. I explained it to her, and she told me that it was my money; that I could spend it on whatever I wanted.

So, reassured my family was going to be financially ok without my help, I took the money to school the next day. I walked into the library with purpose and bought my copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That was about 1984, and I still have that book. It is, by far, one of most treasured material possessions.

Oddly enough, it wasn’t until after I read the book that I felt I could relate to the Charlie character. And if you are familiar with the story then you will understand how my situation and that of Charlie were ironically similar.

After Charlie and the Chocolate Factory came other books. There was the sequel, The Great Glass Elevator, as well as,  James and the Giant Peach and so the list goes on. But none of them had the profound effect on me as did Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

It triggered something within me that I just could not explain. But whatever the change was I’m happy it happened. It was then I decided I was going to some day be a published author; that I too was going to write books for children just like me.

And here I am. On my journey to publishing my stories.

So, what was your trigger? Do you remember it? Do you tell about it? 

There are times in our own lives that we hold very dear to our hearts. And whether you tell people about them or you keep them to yourself the fact remains that they are there. 

In conclusion, I would like to encourage you to share your memories with your kids…your grandkids. By telling them your stories you help keep them alive. And your stories will only add to your memory…your legacy…after your time on earth has passed.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and, as always…have fun!


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All that is meant to be…is what we make it to be

The power of thought is a very powerful thing, indeed!

As I have written about thoughtforms in my other post, Your Best Writing Tool, I will not go into much detail about them in this one. But what I would like to mention here is that it is easy to not recognize the power you hold within yourself.

Many people do not believe in such things as destiny and fate. And to each their own, I would say. For those of us who do know there is a universal force at work understand that we as individuals play a key role in what is and what shall be.

Commitment to a cause, purpose or goal requires self will. This will is something that is deeply rooted within us. Failure to accomplish something means you have doubted yourself. If you feed doubt then it will conquer your will. Arguably, if will is fed with positive influence then will will conquer doubt.

But that makes it sound as if it takes willpower to strengthen the will over the doubt!

Ha! Yes, it does.

But you’re missing the point.

What started either one of them in the first place?

A thoughtform.

Should the thoughtform itself be a strong seed then with a little push it will grow and grow. This brings with it positivity. And the stronger it becomes, the more better things will happen, and the stronger your self will will be to see your project through.

On the other hand, if the thoughtform is a weak seed, then it will take more nourishment to grow; let alone become strong enough to achieve your desires. This is where negativity comes in. And with it discouragement and frustration. Then doubt will begin creeping in, and surely you will fail.

The cornerstone to success is to believe in yourself. Believe with everything you are that everything will turn out. Accept the fact there will be bumps along the way before you ever begin whatever it is you wish to embark upon.

Keeping an open mind will help allow you to see things in a different light; the things you already know and expect, as well as, any problems that will arise.

Believing in yourself will also affect your personality; amongst other things. And as the title says: All that is meant to be…is what we make it to be. No one or nothing can stop you at anything you do if you make it so. Except one…you.

You are ultimately the bottom line to your own success. So, what will it be?

Do you have what it takes to put yourself on a higher level? To become something more than you are currently?

Or will you only “try” and eventually give in? Give in to the same life of unfulfilled dreams and goals?

In closing, I will leave you with one of my all time favorite quotes:

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

-Master Yoda

…to your success!

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Komplex Sinplicities insert

I would like to thank everyone for your support! I am anxious to get Komplex Sinplicities into your hands as quickly as possible!

I’ll leave you with an excerpt from the first section.



Alas! My fair lady…

As I cast my gaze upon you I look into the eyes of someone far more beautiful than beauty itself.

Should the angels in heaven be so jealous of a kinder nature.

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In the beginning…

In the middle of everything there is a something. And in the vastness of nothing is the unlimited number of possibilities of what could be.

Welcome to my world.

As writers, we often play with words to express ourselves. We use them to portray our feelings. And we do our best to stir the emotions of others.

We write and tell stories to allow others to escape into new and fascinating realities so that, for a moment, they can get away from the stresses of everyday life.

Of course, the list as to the reasons people write and read the works of others is a long one. But it is for the writer…the poet and storyteller…to keep those reasons alive and well.

My upcoming book (Komplex Sinplicities) is the result of years of creative labor. In fact, it is why I am having to bring it to you in three sections. Allow me to explain a little further…

The first section of the book consists of poems and things like them. Sometimes the best way to express myself is through the musical combination of words that is poetry. If I felt lovey dovey then the poem was light and touchy. If I was feeling rather down or found myself in a dark place then the poem was more dark and straight forward.

But then sometimes I just have random thoughts. And a few of these I threw into the mix, too.

The second section are my silly prophecies. These were written during my high school days, and were influenced by my favorite comedians…the Pythons. They are written with the sole purpose to entertain, but make absolutely no sense whatsoever. And that is as it should be!

The last section is probably the most normal of the three. It is comprised of short stories, and most all of them are fiction. A collection of short adventures for the busy reader, if you will.

All in all, I can not think of a better way to deliver so much at one time. And I am sure after you read the last page you’ll close the book, stare at the cover and not know exactly what to say.

And that, too, is as it should be.

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Komplex Sinplicities



I am excited to introduce to you my upcoming book:

Komplex Sinplicities.

The book is a mixture of poems, silly prophecies and short stories that are being divided up into three sections. The content itself will range from the romantic to the bizarre; giving the reader an experience that will leave them questioning what will be around the next bend.

My style of short story writing stems from the storytellers of old. I can remember the feeling I would get when my father would tell me bedtime stories as a child.

Or when my teachers in elementary school would read to the class some fantastic adventure in some magical place that left the imagination spinning. That same feeling is what I try to give to my readers.

Komplex Sinplicities should be available in ebook format by the end of October. I say should because it could be sooner! In either case, I will keep everyone posted as things bounce along.

I would like to invite you to follow me on here or on Twitter (@wormnblack). You can also go to my profile on here and sign up for the emails. And don’t worry…I won’t be bombarding your inboxes with spam, either!

Until next time…stay tuned! And have a wonderful day!

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Thoughtform. A disturbing word for some. A religious practice for others.

To first understand how to use thoughtforms one must first understand what they are. The definition is very simple. A thoughtform is the conscious or unconscious thought before an action. For example, a pitcher is thinking and evaluating about his pitch before he or she ever throws the ball. Granted, technique does account for a lot, but the pitch itself was based upon a thoughtform.

An example of an unconscious thoughtform could be like dropping something heavy on your toe and you yell from the pain of the impact. You didn’t decide to yell…you just did it. When you truly understand how thoughtforms work you can put them to work for you.

There are a lot of successful people throughout history that understood that thoughtforms not only control your actions but also the actions directed toward you.

In a way, thoughtforms are a bit of physics and religion rolled all into one. And this is where they can be disturbing for some people. But if you can keep an open mind I will show you how they can be useful to you.


The universe works in mysterious ways. The same is said about God, also. Whatever your views on religion are you probably already know how thoughtforms can work for you without you even knowing about them.

Let me explain it like this: If a person prays for something they are essentially casting a thoughtform out to receive a wanted answer in return. The cosmos, or God by whichever name you give Him, will only give you what is needed in your life.

This is to say that the universe does not understand (or accept) want. And that is very important to know! Also, in order to successfully receive what it is you asked for you must truly believe that it will be given to you. More than that…you must believe wholeheartedly that your request is ALREADY yours before you ever get it.

What I mean is that you must visualize yourself doing or having said thing first. So, if you need money and that is the thoughtform you put into the cosmos (or the hands of your god) then you must see yourself with that money and believe it’s already yours.And in doing so, sometimes the answer is already at your finger tips.

Let me give you an example of what I mean…

My checking account was once overdrawn some $74 and change. I needed to put that money back into the account before I was further hit with fees. So I began to visualize with a firm belief that I would get the money I needed. In doing so a thought came back to me. A phone number on the side of a truck I once saw that paid cash for scrap cars.

I had a car in my driveway that had a cracked head. I saw potential so I looked them up and gave them a call. After towing and profit the man said he would pay me exactly $75 for the vehicle. I agreed. He stopped by with a trailer, I helped him load it up and he paid me $75…cash!

So now you’re saying this is but a mere coincidence. I’ve had that sort of thing happen to me a lot. All because I used this system that so many successful people all throughout history have used to their advantage.

I once needed money for a utility bill. I used the thoughtform system and that evening my father came by the house and just handed me exactly the amount I needed! He told me he figured I could use it to help pay a bill. His words. I never said anything to him about needing the money. And so the list goes on…

A word on doubt. Doubt is the killer of a successful person…and of successful thoughtforms. Doubt is telling the universe that you do not believe it will happen. It is saying that although you are asking for something you pretty much know you’re not ever going to receive it.

If you have doubt then you will never get what you asked for; whether you use the thoughtform system or through prayer. Total belief and confidence is vital to a successful return of order.

Something else you need to understand is that you may not get what you asked for right away. It may take hours, days, weeks or longer. But keep positive. Once that “phonecall” has been made the other end will line up people, places and events to make things happen. Sometimes it just time, but, again, hold fast to belief your answer is on the way and be patient.

Once you learn how to use the thoughtform system you will find that things will seem to magically happen to you. If you pray then you already know how the system works. Maybe you just never thought of it in the way I have told. In any case, remember to follow the instructions I have given, and you will find thoughtforms very useful to you.

I wish you all the best and much success

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Your Best Writing Tool


Not everyone is born with a great sense of humor. Nor is everyone gifted with a great imagination…or so they think.
For some, writing a book is just a fancy of the mind. Perhaps they want to, but do not know where to begin. I have heard this one a lot, and is rather a common occurrence. Writing tips are everywhere, but not many seem to deal with another problem I have come across; helping those who believe they lack the imagination to tell a story. That is where I come in.
I will give you a few very unorthodox techniques to help you build your imaginations hidden power. With these you will find such things as character creation to be no where as difficult as you may have previously thought.
So, try these visualization techniques. And by keeping an open mind, positive attitude and some practice you will be on your way to writing that great opening line!


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